The Hobble Safe Patient Restraint

The Hobble Restraint minimizes the ambulatory mobility of a restrained patient, while allowing them to walk/hobble.

When used in combination with the Ambulatory Belt Restraint, a patient can remain mobile enough to be escorted while their extremeties remain safely and humanely restricted.

D-rings allow straps to be attached to a bed or stretcher (straps sold separately).

The Ambulatory Belt Restraint is supplied with two Universal Keys and it is machine washable.

Hobble Specifications

Pad Dimensions:

  • 14.5 inches L x 2.5 inches W
  • (36.8 cm L x 6.3 cm W)

Cuff Dimensions:

  • 13.5 inches L x 2.0 inches W
  • (34.3 cm L x 5 cm W)

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