Straitjacket Patient Restraint

The Strait Jacket Safe Patient Restraint

The Straitjacket Restraint helps control difficult or unpredictable patients who are assessed to be in extreme danger of

injuring themselves or others.



Person modeling the Straitjacket Patient Restraint

Available in Small, Medium Large and Extra Large sizes.

Cuff Dimensions

  • 14.5 inches L x 2.5 inches W
  • 36.8 cm L x 6.3 cm W 

Pad Dimensions

  • 13.5 inches L x 2.0 inches W
  • 34.3 cm L x 5 cm W
Straitjacket patient restraint

Long-sleeved arms cross in front and are retained in place through a vertical loop at the patient’s chest and secured with a buckle on the back of the jacket.

A pelvic strap prevents the patient from pulling the jacket over their head.

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