The Gillen Industries Octo Strap System

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SafeOcto Strap Rescue Restraint
quality airline and military safe and secure rescue board

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SafeOcto Strap Rescue Restraint

The Gillen Industries Octo Strap Recovery Restraint

The Octo Strap Restraint System accomodates a wide range of portability and storage needs, making it arguably the best patient immobilization system in the world.

It is especially convenient for use in remote regions such as battlefields and hiking where immobilization and emergency transport may be necessary.

The straps are stored and carried in a portable pouch.  They are available in Army Green, Camofluage, Tan or Black.  Although they are designed for use with the Octo Board, they can be used with makeshift support options.

Adjustable strap lengths accomodate both small and large patients, and use side-release buckles to provide increased strength and durability compared to velcro.

And because neither the Octo Straps, nor Octo Board contain metallic material, they can be used with X-Ray or MRI machines to diagnose an immobilized patient and avoid the need for transfer to an alternative platform.

The Octo Strap System was developed by and is manufactured by Gillen Industries in the USA.  Request a Quote or Consultation now.


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