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Safe Patient Restraints

Gillen Industries designs and supplies safe patient restraint devices for use by Goverment Agencies, Mental Health, Law Enforcement, Aviation Safety and other Institutional Industries.

Safe Patient Restraints are designed to facilitate quick, safe and easy restraint procedures when the patient presents the risk of injury to oneself or to others.

Gillen Industries Ultimate Restraint

This system ensures appropriate restraint of patients who are behaving in a manner that interferes with their examination, care or treatment to the extent they endanger their life or the safety of others.

It is designed for easy application and easy cleaning.  Velcro straps at the waist, thigh and ankle provide for easy attach and release.

The Ultimate Restraint was developed and is manufactured by Gillen Industries in the USA.

ultimate-restraint, restraint-that-prevents-heat-exhaustion

Nylon mesh promotes patient comfort and helps prevent heat exhaustion.

• Rip-Stop material

• 3 Quick-Release safety belts

• Available in 3 sizes

• 1-Year warranty


Prone to Supine

The Prone to Supine restraint is designed to transport and restrain patients either on their back or on their stomach.

The Prone to Supine Restraint was developed by and is manufactured by Gillen Industries in the USA.

prone-to-supine-restraint, restrain-patient-on-back-or-stomach, transport-patient-on-stomach

 Model 700

Max Chest Size 48″

Adult 4’2″ to 6’2″


Model 725

Max Chest Size 65″

Large Adult 4’2″ to 6’2″

Martha Mat

It is ideal for mental health, law enforcement, and military for transport of patients who who dislike feeling enclosed.

The Martha Mat is constructed with high-quality rip-stop vinyl fabric for long lasting service and easy cleaning.

It is designed for easy application and easy cleaning.  Velcro straps at the waist, thigh and ankle provide for easy attach and release.  It is easy to apply and release with 3 quick-release, push button safety belts.

The Model 800 Martha Mat fits patients from 5′ 3″ to 6′ 2″ with a maximum chest size of 60″ circumference.

The Martha Mat Restraint was developed by and is manufactured by Gillen Industries in the USA.

martha-mat, safe-patient-transport, made-in-the-USA, manufactured-in-the-usa,

Airline Passenger Restraint

Designed specifically for the airline industry, the Airline Passenger Restraint Device consists of heavy-duty, rip-stop nylon mesh fabric that allows for total air flow.

This airline passenger restraint device is reinforced with automotive-grade seat belt material to provide superior strength and to restrict upper body movement.

Clips on the Velcro wrist straps and integrated, reinforced D-Rings allow for quick, simple restraint of the arms.  8 sewn-in D-Rings accommodate a range of arm lengths.

The Airline Passenger Restraint is lightweight and small to store so that it can be made readily accessible and easy to apply to an unruly passenger.




  • Secure quickly & easily
  • Apply quickly & easily with Velcro wrist restraints
  • Easy attachment with spring clips
  • Accomodate a range of arm lengths
  • Comfortably restrict arm and upper body movement
  • Adjust to a range of anatomies
  • Easy cleaning
  • One year warranty

Buddy Bag

The Buddy Bag is built with heavy-duty nylon mesh fabric for superior strength and breathability.  Our nylon mesh design allows for total air flow to prevent discomfort and heat exhaustion.

The jacket body is reinforced with our 47″ x 1.75″ x 0.25″ fiberglass bows to aid in preventing patient injury by restricting mobility.

Five 2″ wide, adjustable nylon straps wrap across the patient, and with the help of hook and loop fasteners, allows for fast and easy “secure and release”.

The Buddy Bag was developed by and is manufactured by Gillen Industries in the USA.


buddy-bag, made-in-the-usa, patient-transport, safe-patient-transport
  • Proven safe and effective for use in hospitals.
  • Hook and loop strap closure adjusts to a wide range of anatomies
  • Easy to clean with disinfectant solution.
  • 1-Year warranty


Model 300

  • White Patient Size 4′ 2″ to 5′ 2″
  • Max Chest Size 30″

Model 400

  • Blue, Patient Size 5′ 2″ to 5′ 10″
  • Max Chest Size 36″

The 5th Point Restraint helps clinical staff members manage patients who are agitated, disoriented, or incapable of supporting themselves in a sitting position.

It is also useful to prevent patients from leaving the hospital until they can be medically treated.

The 5th Point Restraint resulted from years of experience and research.  Input was provided by experienced Peace Officers and Nurses who deal with non-compliant patients. 

The result uses a simple to apply, strong, secure solution that is comfortable for the patient.  It uses breathable materials and because it is designed for one-time use, no cleaning is required.  


General Purpose Belt

The General Purpose Belt is appropriate for a wide range of uses.  But, it is most commonly used in the Emergency Department, Psychiatric Unit, or in Correctional Health applications.

It is available for use with beds or gurneys.


  • Securely hold patient in place during transport.
  • One size fits all.
  • Easy application with hook and loop design
  • Machine washable
general-purpose-belt, emergency-department-belt, psychiatric-unit-belt, correctional-health belt, belt-for-patient-transport

Model 5550B


  • Bed Style
  • 80″L x 3″W

Model 5550


  • Gurney Style
  • 66″L x 3″W

Ambulatory Belt Restraint

The Ambulatory Belt Restraint minimizes hand and arm movement while allowing the ability to walk.

Wrists may be positioned in front or behind the patient.  The waist belt is adjustable and allows limited access for toileting.

The Ambulatory Belt Restraint is supplied with two Universal Keys and it is machine washable.

Cuff dimensions are adjustable 5″ to 12″ with a strap length of 12.5″.

ambulatory-belt-restraint, safe-ambulatory-belt-restraint, minimize-hand-and-arm-movement, minimize-arm-movement

Ambulatory Belt - Front

Ambulatory Belt - Behind

Ambulatory Belt - Side

Octo Strap

The Octo Strap Restraint System accomodates a wide range of portability and storage needs, making it arguably the best patient immobilization system in the world. 

It is especially convenient for use in remote regions such as battlefields and hiking where immobilization and emergency transport may be necessary.

The straps are stored and carried in a portable pouch.  Although they are designed for use with the Octo Board, they can be used with makeshift support options.

Adjustable strap lengths accomodate both small and large patients, and use side-release buckles to provide increased strength and durability compared to velcro.

And because neither the Octo Straps, nor Octo Board contain metallic material, they can be used with X-Ray or MRI machines to diagnose an immobilized patient and avoid the need for transfer to an alternative platform.

The Octo Strap System was developed by and is manufactured by Gillen Industries in the USA.

octo-strap, patient-immobilization-system, best-patient-mobilization, octo-strap-restraint-system, good-for-battlefield-patient, portable-for-battlefield

Hobble Restraint

The Hobble Restraint minimizes the ambulatory mobility of a restrained patient, while allowing them to walk/hobble.

When used in combination with the Ambulatory Belt Restraint, a patient can remain mobile enough to be escorted while their extremeties remain safely and humanely restricted.

D-rings allow straps to be attached to a bed or stretcher (straps sold separately).

The Ambulatory Belt Restraint is supplied with two Universal Keys and it is machine washable.

hobble-restraint, minimize-ambulatory-mobility, walk-hobble, humane-walking-restraint

Pad Dimensions:

  • 14.5 inches L x 2.5 inches W
  • (36.8 cm L x 6.3 cm W)

Cuff Dimensions:

  • 13.5 inches L x 2.0 inches W
  • (34.3 cm L x 5 cm W)


The Straitjacket Restraint helps control difficult or unpredictable patients who are assessed to be in extreme danger of injuring themselves or others.

Long-sleeved arms cross in front and are retained in place through a vertical loop at the patient’s chest and secured with a buckle on the back of the jacket.

A pelvic strap prevents the patient from pulling the jacket over their head.

Available in Small, Medium Large and Extra Large sizes.

straightjacket, control-difficult-patients, restrain-unpredictable-patients

Cuff Dimensions

  • 14.5 inches L x 2.5 inches W
  • 36.8 cm L x 6.3 cm W


Pad Dimensions

  • 13.5 inches L x 2.0 inches W
  • 34.3 cm L x 5 cm W

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