Our story

About us

Our story

Patient safety and comfort begins with caring about the people we serve.  In caring for Seniors, we know that will be us someday.  So, in some sense, we are serving ourselves.  We want to see continuous improvements in products and services that will serve us even better when we arrive at the stage in life when we need home care, assisted care, a nursing home or a hospital.  

Our products include durable, low-maintenance geriatric chairs that are designed for maximum comfort with adjustments to fit the needs of an individual patient.  We offer a full line of wheel chairs, beds and mattresses, fall prevention and fall monitoring products, patient lifts, scales, bariatric products, nutrition products and surgical room accessories.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve as a product, service and consultation resource to help Senior Care facilities.   

We take pride in having access to a wide range of suppliers and products because we are able to evaluate the needs of a facility, or an individual patient, and apply our 30 years of experience to recommend the best solution.

Our vision

Our vision is to serve the needs of senior patients, the people who care for them and their loved ones who cherish their last years with them.  

Let’s work together

New products and services are constantly improved and added.  We can make your life better with personal service, demonstrations, training, evaluations and recommendations.

We have helped numerous nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and physician clinics improve their service to patients while simultaneously reducing their costs.

Contact us by phone, email or message from this website to save time and money, and to gain happy patients, caregivers and families.