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John Gillen

John Gillen


John Gillen is the president and owner of Gillen Industries and United Med Worldwide.  Gillen Industries offers over 30 years of experience in mechanical and bio-mechanical design to solve the most difficult problems for safe, humane restraint of patients who pose harm to themselves and others.

Designer, Engineer and President of Gillen Industries Mr. John Gillen

Our restraints are designed and manufactured in the USA.  All of Gillen Industry patient and passenger restraints offer safe and easy measures when needed to prevent risk of injury to the patient, caregivers, bystanders and or law and military personnel.

Gillen Industries supplies  Government, Law Enforcement, Aviation, Mental Health Providers, and other Institutional Industries.  We can also design a custom restraint for you.  Please call for a consultation.

Easy and Efficient to Use for Medical Staff!

Custom options Available

The Safe and Humane way is The Drug-Free Way

Gillen Industry Restraints are designed and manufactured for easy use by the professional staff of the medical, airline, and mental institution industries.  Some people are allergic to various medications and/or could be without their knowing.  Our restraints are designed with safety and humanity in mind.  Click the box below to view the various restraints and contact us for a quote.  We can even custom design restraints to fit your specific needs.

Patient immobilization chair
Patient Multi Adjustable Positioning Chair

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