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Safe Patient Restraints

The Leader in Safe, Humane, Patient Restraints & Therapeutic Products

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Safe Patient Restraints

Safe Patient Restraints, designed, manufactured in the USA and supplied by Gillen Industries offer safe, easy restraint procedures when measures are needed to prevent risk of injury to the patient, to caregivers and bystanders.

Gillen Industries supplies Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Aviation, Mental Health providers, and other institutional industries.


Therapeutic Calming

Therapeutic products promote calming and a feeling of security for adults and children prone to anxiety.  Weighted Blankets, Shoulder

Wraps and Lap Pads bring a feeling of protection and security.

Fidget products create a sense of calm and focus.

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Custom Design

Need a tweak for a special need?  Need a unique design to solve a unique problem?

Gillen Industries offers 30 years of experience in mechanical and bio-mechanical design to solve the most difficult problems for safe, humane restraint of patients who pose harm to themselves and others.  Or, for transport of injured patients from remote areas, such as hiking accidents or battlefield injuries.

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octo-strap, gillen-industries, safe-patient-restraint
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Gillen Industries

Your source for safe, humane patient restraints and safe immobilization for transport.

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