Sommerfly™ Wristful Fidget™ is a spandex wrist band filled with soothing beads. Wear the wristband around the wrist or stretch it into the hand and fidget with the serene beads to help calm and focus. Whether you wear the Wristful Fidget™ in the hand or on the wrist, you will experience the gentle pressure that helps to calm.

Wristful Fidget smallSommerfly_Wristful_Fidget_palm_wrist_72_dpi

Sommerfly’s Wristful Fidget™ looks like a sports band and comes in two sizes to fit small and large wrists in a calming Royal Blue color. Our Wristful Fidget™ doesn’t look like a toy or a therapy tool so it is less likely to distract. Sommerfly’s Wristful Fidget™ works to help anyone feel more calm and focused.

Sommerfly_Wristful_Fidget_palm2_72dpi Somerfly_Wristful_Fidget_palm_72_pdi Wristful_Fidget_dorsalpalm_72pdi

  • Comes in calming Royal Blue color.
  • Non-toy look minimizes distraction.
  • Texture helps to calm and focus.
  • Comes in a set of two.
  • Beads inside provide a slight weighed experience.

     Specifications: Comes in a set of 2.
Size Age Product Weight
Small 3 to 9 years approx. 3 ounces each
Large 10 years and up approx. 4 ounces each

Helping people lead a more rested, calm and focused life – Sommerfly™ products are specially designed by an experienced Occupational Therapist.

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