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Sommerfly’s therapeutic Sleep Tight™ weighted blanket provides a calm, comfortable, restful night of sleep. Our well-designed weighted blankets are suitable for anyone who weighs more than approximately 20 pounds who has difficulty sleeping. The curved neck cutout keeps the Sleep Tight™ blanket from bunching around the face for a safe and comfortable sleep experience. Our Sleep Tight™ blankets come in a wide range of evenly distributed weights (5-25lbs). Something for everyone! Say good-bye to panda eyes, no more tossing-and-turning, and less waking up throughout the night!

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Make it special! You can customize your Sleep Tight™ from our fun collection of durable and washable duvet covers (sold separately). Washing the cover is so easy for personal use and in multi-user environments.

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  • Curved cutout at the top allowing the blanket to properly contour around the shoulders.
  • Available in navy blue, buckskin tan corduroy and Blue Waves with Navy Blue on reverse.
  • Made in the USA with 100% high quality soft cotton.
  • Double stitching for strength and maximum durability.
  • Weighted with non-toxic PET pellets which have no BPA, Phthalate or Lead.
  • Pocketed Construction keeps pellets evenly distributed for optimal weight coverage.
  • Pellets are sewn into cloth bags creating double protection and durability.
  • Special tabs on blankets to secure optional duvet covers (sold separately).

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     Sizing Guidelines
Sleep Tight™ Person’s Weight Age Width x Length Blanket Weight
XS 22-35 lbs 3 years 32” x 36” 5 lbs
S 36-45 lbs 4-5 years 36” x 42” 8 lbs
M 46-70 lbs 6-10 years 42” x 54” 12 lbs
L 71-140 lbs 11-15 years 54” x 72” 16 lbs
XL 141 lbs and over 16 years – adult 57” x 80” 25 lbs

Helping people lead a more rested, calm and focused life – Sommerfly™ products are specially designed by an experienced Occupational Therapist.

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