Adorable Shoulder Friend: Our Weighted Puppy Shoulder Wrap™ is a unique and adorable weighted wrap around shoulder friend. It doesn’t bunch up around the shoulders but distributes the weight evenly for a unique sensory experience. We’ve added our creative touch to make this product both functional, fun and fashionable! Your friends will want one too!

The Puppy’s fleece tail fits perfectly through the mouth opening and becomes the Puppy’s tongue, making sure it stays on the more physically active wearer. You can separate it effortlessly when you need to – by pulling the two ends of the Weighted Puppy Shoulder Wrap™ apart. All of our shoulder wraps are machine washable and triple stitched with an additional fabric reinforced edge on the inner curve for exceptional durability.

  • Made with 100% high quality soft Cotton Corduroy and Fleece.
  • Triple stitched with an additional fabric reinforced edge inside inner curve for exceptional durability.
  • Designed to move with the wearer and stay on the body.
  • Weighted with non-toxic, hypoallergenic PET pellets that are BPA, Phthalate and lead free.
  • Fleece tail inserts through the opening on the mouth to become the tongue.
  • The tongue can also be used as a fidget.
  • Young kids and old love to wear the puppy!
  • May machine wash and dry.
  • Made in the USA.

     Sizing Guidelines
Puppy Wrap Person’s Weight Approximate Age Wrap Weight
XS 25-45 lbs 3-6 years 1.5 lbs
S 46-75 lbs 6-10 years 2.5 lbs
M 76-120 lbs 10 yrs and up 3.5 lbs

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