Staying Focused – Sommerfly’s Focus Fidgety™ – a practically designed hand fidget that conveniently comes with a wrist strap and finger loop with a non-toy look (Patent Pending). No more dropped or thrown fidgets! With so many distractions going in our daily lives, it’s really difficult to stay focused! Children and adults naturally fidget with things in our hands to help increase attention and calmness. The Sommerfly™ Focus Fidgety™ Hand Fidget can be used for anyone who has a hard time focusing, keeping their hands to themselves, and/or even use as a stress relieving squeeze tool. It’s appropriate for both adults and kids alike in any social or education situation.


  • Non-toy look.
  • The Focus Fidgety™ comes in Navy Blue.
  • Made from soft 100% high quality cotton corduroy.
  • Filled with PET pellets for that just right, inviting feel to fidget.
  • PET pellets are non-toxic, BPA, Phthalate and lead free!
  • Non-latex elastic wrist band means no more dropped or thrown fidgets!
  • Wrist strap and finger loop that helps it stay in the hand (Patent Pending).
  • The Focus Fidgety™ is designed to be helpful for children, adolescents and adults!
  • The Focus Fidgety™ Hand Fidget is machine washable.
  • Made in the USA!

Small children or small hands 3″ x 4″
Large adults or large hands 3″ x 5″

Helping people lead a more rested, calm and focused life – Sommerfly™ products are specially designed by an experienced Occupational Therapist.

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