Calm Under Pressure – Sommerfly’s Classic Weighted Shoulder Wrap™ fits perfectly and rests gently on the shoulders to help children and adults focus and achieve a calm state. The Weighted Shoulder Wrap™ is triple stitched with an additional fabric reinforced edge on the inside of the inner curve for exceptional durability. You can be confident the Weighted Shoulder Wrap™ is the perfect portable size for mobility and thoughtfully designed to stay on even when you are on-the-go! You can choose from our two calming fabrics: 100% cotton Blue Wave Pattern or our original classic Buckskin Tan Corduroy.

Classic_shoulder_wrap_blue_wave_dpi72Research has shown the amount of time for the effectiveness of weighted vests is from 15-30 minutes per wearing. These time frame recommendations are clearly noted on the Classic Shoulder Wrap™ tags along with the recommended weight range and product size for the person.

  • Made with 100% high quality soft cotton corduroy or 100% woven cotton.
  • Curved design helps move with your body and stays on the shoulders even when walking.
  • Weighted with non-toxic, hypoallergenic PET pellets that are BPA, Phthalate and lead free.
  • Pellets are sewn into cloth bags for double protection to ensure pellets do not come out of the wrap.
  • Triple stitched with an additional fabric reinforced edge inside inner curve for exceptional durability.
  • May machine wash and dry.
  • Made in the USA.

      Sizing Guidelines
Shoulder Wrap Person’s Weight Approximate Age Wrap Weight
M 76-120 lbs 10 yrs and up 3.5 lbs
L 121 lbs + adolescents to adult 4.5 lbs

Helping people lead a more rested, calm and focused life – Sommerfly™ products are specially designed by an experienced Occupational Therapist.

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