The Airline Passenger Restraint Device was designed for the airline safety industry and is made of heavy duty, rip-stop nylon mesh fabric that allows for total air flow, helping to prevent discomfort and heat exhaustion. Re-enforced with automotive-type seat belt material, this airline passenger restraint device has superior strength and helps restrict upper body movement. The clips on the Velcro wrist straps, along with the sewn-in, reinforced D-Rings allows for the quick, simple restraint of the arms preventing the unruly passenger from using their hands, while the 8 sewn-in D-Rings along the center strap are positioned to accommodate various arm lengths safely and securely.

  • Designed with speed and safety in mind, restraint can be secured quickly and easily.
  • Velcro wrist restraints for fast application.
  • Spring clips for easy attachment.
  • Automotive-type seat belt material for superior strength.
  • Sewn-in D-rings at multiple intervals accommodate various arm lengths.
  • Restricts arms and upper body movement.
  • Hook and loop closure adjusts to a wide range of anatomies.
  • Convenient cleaning with a mild disinfectant solution.
  • One year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Along with the airline seat belt, the Airline Passenger Restraint Device not only gives peace of mind for the crew but the passengers as well.

“Unruly behaviour does not always amount to a criminal act, but it can have serious consequences, endangering the safety of the flight and everyone on board.”

    -Senior Legal Officer, Jeifang Huang, ICAO Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau

Read more about unruly passenger protocol provisions here from the ICAU Journal.

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