Capability Statement

Gillen Industries:
"A Full Solution Provider of Safe Psychiatric Restraints of all types, including the Airline Restraint Device and other related supplies."



  • Veteran Owned
  • Contracts and Grants
  • For Profit Organization
  • Small Business, S-Corporation

339113 - Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing

Gillen Industries has designed and provided restraint devices to psychiatric hospitals, private psychiatric centers, group homes and the military since 1993.


  • Bradley Children’s Hospital, RI
  • Butler Hospital, RI
  • Military Bases
  • RI Hospital
  • Sandy Pines Hospital, FL
  • Westboro State Hospital, MA.
  • MA Whitehorse Hospital in Canada
  • Advoserv Psychiatric Centers - Florida to the New Jersey Area

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Gillen Industries is a Full Solution Provider of Safe Psychiatric Restraints of all types and for all applications to psychiatric hospitals, state hospitals, private psychiatric facilities and the airline industry.

Gillen Industries has provided quality medical safe psychiatric restraints to the worldwide medical community since 1993. With an emphasis on patient safety and comfort, we offer a wide variety of restraints for all applications.

We Offer Global Distribution, Quick Delivery and Dependability.

Order Confirmation: When you place your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the order with quantities, prices and order total.

Shipping & Delivery: Gillen Industries turnaround time is quick and shipping fees are based on weight and method of shipment. Special orders are shipped directly from the factory depending on the necessary time frame.