Sometimes it is necessary to physically restrain a patient to ensure that they do not injure themselves or others. At times it is imperative to restrain them to prevent them from leaving the hospital until they can be medically treated.

The 5th Point Restraint is the solution to help your clinical staff members manage patients that are agitated, disoriented, or incapable of supporting themselves in a sitting position.

The 5th Point Restraint is an easy to use patient chest restraint that is safe, comfortable and simple for both clinical and protective service staff members to apply. This restraint is both effective and economical being priced at only $29.95 each.


  • Simple to Apply
  • Strong and Secure
  • Comfortable for the Patient
  • One Time Use Product (No Cleaning Required)
  • Breathable Materials
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle (No Buckles or Snaps)


After years of working in hospital emergency rooms with difficult patients that would not cooperate, it became obvious that a product was needed to assist staff with controlling them so they could be given medical attention and be properly attended to.


When a patient has to be restrained, the product choices are limited. Many existing restraints on the market are made of a coated paper that can cinch up on the patient and potentially harm them, or are made of leather and large buckles. The latter is cumbersome to work with, has to be cleaned after each use, and is very specific as to how and where the patient can be restrained.


Frustrated with these limited options, research was kicked off to see what was out there, and how a better product could be created.


After testing many different combinations of materials and designs, it was decided that the simplest option was the best. The 5th Point Restraint was designed with many things in mind, including input from experienced Peace Officers and nurses that deal with non-compliant patients every day.

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